Duplex. The only multifunction, compact innovative reliable vulcanizer. Great versatility of use with heating plates 150x150 mm.

ventilated dryers

One machine only for two different working methods thanks to the conversion kit supplied with the machine Instant setting and read-out of the temperature through the digital thermostat. Quick setting of vulcanization time through the analogic timer.

Two different work methods.


ventilated dryers

METHOD 1): the function of the heating plates (2-5) is to transmit the vulcanization heat to the flask (4), while the central piston (3), since it can descend inside the flask, is used to compress the rubber mould (6). This is the perfect configuration for using cylindrical or rectangular flasks with metal spacers sliding inside (7-8). Pressure screw. (1).

ventilated dryers
ventilated dryers

METHOD 2): fixing the kit (3) to the upper heating plate (2) with the 4 screws (7) the descent of the central piston can be blocked. In this configuration, the upper heating plate not only transmits the vulcanization heat but also compresses the rubber mould (6). This is the best method for using rectangular flasks without internally sliding spacers. Pressure screw. (1) Flask. (4) Lower heating plate. (5)

Duplex measure values lenght depth height
External dimensions mm   280 210 450
Heating plate dimensions mm 150 150    
Max temperature °C 190      
Max timer time min 120      
Maximum absorption A 4      
Round flask minimun internal diameter mm 42      
Round flask maximum internal diameter mm 90      
Maximum flask height mm 70      
Rectangular flask maximum internal size mm 85x70      
Supply voltage V 220 Hz 50/60  
Weight Kg 21      

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