Idroget 120

High pressure jet cleaning is essential for goldsmiths and model producers who use the cire perdue method for casting small items. The pressurized water is used to remove the plaster from the models after casting quickly and effectively, without the use of damaging acids difficult to dispose of, allowing perfectly environment-friendly operation in full compliance with anti-pollution regulations.

steam jet cleaners

IDROGET 120 consists of an airtight stainless steel booth with a transparent plexiglass door on top and internal lighting giving a good view of the washing operation. Plaster removal is controlled by hand with water supplied at 120 bar by the pump.

Standard equipment: rubber gloves


Idroget 120 measure values lenght depth height
External dimensions mm   620 500 1400
Pump power HP 2,2      
Pump pressure adjustable Bar 120      
Pump delivery rate lt/min 8      
Supply voltage V 220 Hz 50  

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