Who we are

A consolidated reality serving the goldsmith industry and craftsmanship.

Our company, founded in 1985, with the name ELVA ELETTRONICA produces machines for goldsmith industry.

At our production facility in Valenza, in direct contact with internationally renowned goldsmith companies, we have designed, tested, a full range of devices which we perfected during the years.
In 1986 ELVA patented its 'fluid bed' drying machines, which was enthusiastically received by the market and quickly became a commercial success.
In 1988 ELVA was assigned the 'Fidelity to work and to economic progress' award, and received a gold medal from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
There followed many years of success in technological research and development of new designs which has brought our company to the top of the largest international markets.
In 1999 ELVA, aware of the abrupt changes taking place in the world economy, decided to shed a little of its well-established artisan identity, and became LOGIMEC S.r.l. Industria Macchine per Orafi. Our goals for the future are to continue to develop machinery with advanced technology , and to produce them in large numbers with consistent quality and low prices, all to customer's advantage.
We believe we can satisfy the request of your most demanding customers.
So don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our wide range of models or for any information you may need.



Contact Us

  • Address: S.S. Solero, 19 - zona ind. D/4
    15048 VALENZA (AL)

  • Phone: +39 (0)131 953 794
    Phone/Fax +39 (0)131 946 404

  • Email: info@logimec.net