Mod. 1600 HD

16 lt

The new "HD" branded ultrasonic cleaners mark the new direction Logimec is taking in its production of ultrasonic washers. All the models satisfy the highest quality standards with compact and reliable products, essential for fast, deep cleaning of any article having an irregular surface or with a particularly complex shape.

270 H

The new HD line represents the natural next step after its predecessor models, featuring a series of important changes such as the adoption of a powerful microprocessor combined with a sophisticated exclusive Logimec software, which allows our appliances to automatically adapt the best washing frequency to some variable parameters, like the temperature of the washing liquid, its level and the volume of the parts to be washed.

Only in models from 16lt to 200lt, dedicated to the industrial sector, in addition to the automatic adaptation of the working frequency (standard on all models), we have inserted a "sweep setting" potentiometer, which allows to overlap the washing frequency, a frequency modulation manually adjustable from 100 to 300 Hz. This device allows to increase the washing performance by "breaking" the stationary waves that are created inside the tank.


1600 HD measure values lenght depth height
Tank capacity liter 16      
Tank dimensions mm   375 175 240
External dimensions mm   525 295 420
Supply voltage V 230 Hz 50/60  
Heating power W 1500      
Ultrasonic frequency KHz 38      
Ultrasonic power W 800      
Weight Kg 13      

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