Wax injectors.

1500 D - 2500 D

The cire perdue method for casting small items is widely used by goldsmiths, who need to produce wax models with perfectly uniform surfaces, with no porosity or air bubbles. In order to meet these needs, our injectors have been designed with advice from master goldsmiths, with the aim of solving the problems which often occur in the wax casting of small pieces, such as the stability and uniformity of the temperature of the mass of molten wax, the regulation of its pressure and the accuracy of the injection nozzles.
Our injectors are equipped with tanks in lightweight aluminium alloy, very reliable and strong, where heating is provided by a band type heating element running right round the outside. This guarantees a uniform temperature of all wax which is inside. The setup and precise control of the temperature are performed by a digital thermostat , while particular attention has been paid to the study of the special valve with charge reserve, which allows the generation of jets of wax without interruptions or air bubbles.

The pressure seal is guaranteed by an exclusive locking system on the airtight lid.

Our injectors are available in two models with tanks of 2.500 and 1.500 cc.


1500 D length depth height
external dimension mm 160 160 520
power supply voltage V 220 50/60 Hz
heating power W 160
tank capacity cc 1500

2500 D length depth height
external dimension mm 194 194 520
power supply voltage V 220 50/60 Hz
heating power W 320
tank capacity cc 2500

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