Steam wax remover.

The steam operated wax stripper is an essential piece of machinery for melting wax that builds up in the cylinders. The wax is liquefied by applying a constant temperature of 100°C in the form of steam. This method makes it possible to strip the wax without burning the material, in addition to without emitting toxic fumes and poisonous gases if performed under safety conditions and with respect for the environment.

The equipment is composed of a machine mounted on casters, which includes inside a stainless steel tank with a height adjustable grill that sits on brackets.

A heating element is located on the bottom of the tank; this device produces the heat necessary to bring the water contained in the tank to a boil. The equipment control panel includes a general switch, a thermostat to control the water temperature, and a timer to set the time for the wax stripper. There is also a safety thermostat that is triggered in the event the heating element overheats due to an insufficient amount of water in the tank.

The equipment includes a valve for emptying the tank and a cover to limit water evaporation.

mod. 25 length depth height
external dimensions mm 550 450 870
storage basket dimensions mm 350 250 300
heating power W 2000
power supply voltage V 230 50Hz

mod. 50 length depth height
external dimensions mm 700 450 920
storage basket dimensions mm 500 250 400
heating power W 4000
power supply voltage V 380 trif. 50Hz

mod. 100 length depth height
external dimensions mm 810 490 950
storage basket dimensions mm 670 300 500
heating power W 6000
power supply voltage V 380 trif. 50Hz

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