Fluid bed dryers.

V 250 - V 500 - V 600

The fluid bed drying method is an exclusive patent which guarantees the perfect removal of liquids and moisture from objects with glossy surfaces. Used in the final processing phase, straight after washing, the fluid bed dryers are ideal for gold and silversmiths, for glasses manufacturers, in the tableware industry, and in all craft processes where appearance is of fundamental importance.
The V250, V500 and V600 dryers are equipped with a removal basket in which the objects for drying are placed. Inside, a motor-driven fan sends a flow of hot air through a porous surface containing the sawdust necessary for the process. The air flow puts the sawdust into suspension and carries it through the bottom of the basket, forming a fluid bed which surrounds the objects and dries them gently. The control panel allows the user to program both the duration of the operation and the air flow temperature. The result is a gentle but extremely effective treatment, which leaves the objects perfectly dry and gleaming bright.
Our fluid bed dryers are available in 3 models. V250: the smallest, to lean on a working table, is perfect for little laboratories. V500: for average mass productions. V600: for big mass productions and to dry items of considerable dimensions.


V 250 length depth height
external dimensions mm 500 330 410
basket dimensions mm 240 240 80
heating power W 600
power supply voltage V 220 50Hz

V 500 length depth height
external dimensions mm 750 410 870
basket dimensions mm 430 330 80
heating power W 1700
power supply voltage V 220 50Hz

V 600 length depth height
external dimensions mm 1020 570 1000
basket dimensions mm 630 455 150
heating power W 3400
power supply voltage V 380 trif. 50Hz

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