Ultrasonic cleaners

Mod. 25 lt HD Silent

The new “HD” branded ultrasonic cleaners mark the new direction Logimec is taking in its production of ultrasonic washers. All the models satisfy the highest quality standards with compact and reliable products, essential for fast, deep cleaning of any article having an irregular surface or with a particularly complex shape.

The new HD line represents the natural next step after its predecessor models, featuring a series of important changes that improve the quality, useable life and performance:

AUTOMATIC SWEEP FUNCTION: manual regulation of the pulse setting is now performed automatically by the internal microprocessor. The continuous frequency scan enables an even more uniform distribution of the bubbling waves inside the tank, which results in improvements in the efficiency of washing everywhere within the tank.

AUTOMATIC ADAPTATION OF THE OPERATING FREQUENCY: use of a more powerful microprocessor has made it possible to develop new software which can more quickly adapt the operating frequency to level and temperature changes of the wash water.

NEW MATERIALS: as per tradition, experience accrued has helped us improve our products. For the new ultrasonic washer models, Logimec has introduced new materials for both the tank and the water drainage valves, which are now much more resistant to corrosion.

SPECIAL MODELS: the ultrasonic washers marked by the SILENT SYSTEM logo also bring reduced noise emissions to the superior performance of the HD series. A unique soundproof structure and a special support system of hooks or baskets make it possible for the ultrasonic to work with a closed lid, thereby dramatically reducing noise, while also lowering energy used for heating the water. The Ultrasound HD Silent System is available in the 25Lt and 200Lt models.


HOOKS made of scratch-resistant laminated steel. They are applied on basket edge to support objects and keep them apart.
BASKETS in stainless steel. Ideal for simultaneous washing of small objects.
BEAKERS in antiacid polypropylene. Necessary for bain-marie washing with detergents that are not compatible with the steel basket.
SUPPORTS FOR BEAKERS AND VIALS stainless steel plates with one or more holes, to keep beakers vertical and apart from one another.


25 lt HD Silent length depth height
tank capacity lt 25
tank dimensions mm 350 250 300
external dimensions mm 550 450 870
power supply voltage V 220 50/60Hz
heating power W 1500
ultrasonic frequency Khz 26
ultrasonic power W 950
weight Kg 38

Logimec reserves the right to make changes without notice
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